Tuesday, September 8, 2009


12:00 a.m.
19 april 2002

eyes fixed on the wall
everything in this world seems so small
the queen of the solitary room
often wondering what fate would bring
as i lavishly dream,
i'm waiting for the time
which can be called mine
young which i may seem
yet then i have a mind so keen
i can't wait to gout and show the world
what my life is about
a cowardice i am before and a major bore
but now i've learned to grow and mature
to become successful and sure
the solitude of the night,
makes me think straight and realize what's right
with a wonderful mother by my side
who taught me of pride
i've got to decided what to do with my life
and not hide from all the sly
and as my life goes on,
and with the help of the solemn night
i know i've got to be strong,
to be gallant and bold
to remove all doubts and pain
to relinquish all the hatred
so that in time i can be healed and mended
but as of the momemt, 
i'm the queen of the solitary room
waiting for the day of the doom!

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  1. very nice. I love the concept of your solitary time at night being positive and a time to rejuvenate so you can be strong - and your mother being by your side - I feel that way about imp. people in my life past and present sometimes.