Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i have tons of work to do.. i am literally spending 12 hours a day at work.. plus when i get home i need to study for my MBA classes.. darn! i wish i could take a week or two off from work but sadly, i can't even get out for a day or two without calls from officemates and bosses who needs a help on things..

i am having a hard time to write properly.. i can't get my ideas straight.. i can't let my poetic blood run through my veins again.. i can't write.. i am soooooo stressed... i want to rest but i just can't... work load don't permit me to take a leave...=(

i don't socialize anymore.. i can't have time for that... 12 hours at work.. 3 studying.. 2 hours for eating.. 2 hours for travel to and from work and or school...1 hour for resting before going to bed and other stuff i could squeeze into that one hour... darn! i literally sleep for 4 hours or less in a day... i am sooooo beginning to hate all the work load!!! argh!!!!!

but nonetheless, i really can't complain that much since at least, i do have a job and i am getting paid but still i need to declutter... i really can't write anything now.. not even a single paragraph or phrase!!!! =(

i need to declutter my life.. i need to destress.. i need to do a lot of sleeping.. i need to rest... but how?!?!?!??!


  1. I feel the same way sometimes especially when work eats almost all of my time... early to bed and early to rise which makes me socially dead but then its all for the best in the future...

  2. yeah but i can't get anything out of me now.. i cant even write a single line of poetry.. it is just blank!! phew!!

  3. I don't know how helpful this will be or even if you will have time to do this, but there's this website called mind tools that has this awesome section on time management and what not. It helped me out a lot back when I had a crap load of stuff to do. Hope that helps at least a bit.


  4. Decluttering helps. But decluttering is a stressful exercise in and of itself, although ultimately relieving a great deal of tension.

    Good luck finding your muse.