Monday, May 7, 2012

The Masks We Wear

Don't be fooled for the masks that i wear
For I wear a thousand masks.
Masks that I am afraid to remove 
For you might see the real me.

You might see that inside,
I am a trembling child 
I built a facade to protect me, my emotions,
My thoughts from all.

I concealed what I feel for I don't want to be judged 
Years of putting on a mask has made me forget 
What I truly am.

I have built a wall that is hard to break down
If you decide to break it 
Please do it gently for a child inside is scared,
Trembling, weak.

Don't be fooled for the masks that I wear
For I am weak and I need understanding.
I dont need to be judged.  

For an innocent smile and innocent stare 
Might be a facade of the hurt and bruised