Sunday, January 31, 2010

dorian gray

i've done nothing today but to watch movie.. i've first seen a disney film, princess protection, just a feel good movie about friendship.  after seeing the movie, just ate lunch and switched on the dvd again for another flick, i finally saw fantastic 4 two.. woah!!!! i am sooooo outdated... hahahaha... well, i've been really busy so i've got no time to watch again...

finally, i saw, dorian gray.. i love this book of oscar wilde and was curious about the movie so i decided to check it out.  it was really really good! though at times the movie is obviously being stretched like the fact that dorian was only a bit aged 45 but his picture depicted him to be so old and rotting.  then again maybe it was because of all the sins he committed and thus his soul will rot.  but of course, in real life no matter how bad you are your soul will never be shown on your face.

on the other hand, the movie has done great justice to the book.. it is very well depicted, the actors were really good and ben barnes (dorian gray) has given enough justice to the character of dorian gray.  he can very much change his aura and can be innocent looking when he wants to and he can also take the look of a mad man whose life is full of hatred and misery. colin firth also gave a good acting job on his part as lord henry wotton.

the good part of this is that the protagonist of the story realized that he realized he was fooled by the antagonist and said that he was just asked by the antagonist to live the life he has never lived.  

it is actually a very good movie, so for those who are late in viewing the movie (just like me! lol!) you guys can check this out...