Sunday, October 2, 2011

hot cocoa on a rainy day

clutching my pillow while laying in bed
holding a hot cocoa thinking of you
watching the rain fall and hearing it melodiously
tapping on the roof

what i desire most now is to lay down beside you
while the rain gushes the earth
and enriches it

you enrich my soul.. 
my heart...
my entirety....

and then i know 
in my heart that

the best kind of love is when i wake up
every single morning
wanting, waiting, needing to be with you...

Monday, May 30, 2011

the masks we wear

Dont be fooled by the mask i wear, for i wear a thousand masks! Masks that i am afraid to remove for you might see the real me - the real me who is a child with shaking knees and breaking heart.

I have built these walls, to protect me from hurt but not just any hurt nor any pain - i built this to protect myself from people.  people who might never understand.  

the shadows of me has been haunting - cold and terrible. i know that in time i must let my guard down. i must let people get near me. but please be careful in breaking down the walls i built for inside is a child. a child that wants to be accepted and be loved.