Saturday, February 27, 2010


at a time like this, i hate studying.. i hate the fact that i have to compose 7,500 words in one subject where as i could have just blogged up!!!! 

i hate the fact that they did not even give us any guideline in doing this.. argh!!!! kill me!!!!

plus the fact that i have to answer my critical thinking assignment

and to end it all up, i have stayed in the office yesterday for more than 12hrs!!!! argh!!!! if i didnt work overtime, which is, if my boss did not forceably let me work overtime, i could have had finished all these in time!!!

well, that's life...that's MBA life..

i would like to take the next couple of weeks off work and class but cant! sadly! well, till then...

i'll update you guys!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 january 2010, 12:25pm

i'd give up forever
to understand why everything
made is broken....

water falling from aquamarine
dark as the velvety sky
shining but solitary

the closest to heaven
the sweetest breath of life
bleeding just to know
you live.......

Monday, February 1, 2010

prayer for the haitians.

I would like to pray for all our brothers and sisters who are living in Haiti right now.  I am devout Catholic and I ask, for those who read my blog right now to not be offended by my choice of words since we all don't share the same belief.  But I ask you to look deeper into the meaning of the prayer because I know we all are feeling the same way for what has happened to Haiti.  May I ask that all of you offer a prayer to your respective priests, rabbi, pastors or church leader because at this time of need, we all could use a little help from our Divine Creator.  A little faith would do us good and our brothers and sisters who may have felt that this is their end.


Dear God,

I pray that all my brothers and sisters be safe.

I pray that those who did not survive the earthquake may be in Heaven
          safely tucked by your side.

I pray that there may be peace in Haiti now.

I pray that those who has the power to help, be of help to the Haitians.

I pray that those who has the money be able to donate what my Haitians brother and sisters need.

I pray that those who are weak outside and inside because of the tragedy be cured by your undying love.

I pray that those whose family cannot be found be always at your mercy for they have lost one of life's precious gifts.

I pray that those who lost their faith in You be understood for they are at lost.  Please guide them and lead the way for them. 

I pray that my brothers and sisters who are feeling lost, alone, and confused be able to receive Your unfathomable love, just like the love You gave the lost sheep, just like a good shepherd to His flock.

Most of all, I pray that this  catastrophe be a bridge to the nations to love and heal all the wounds that selfishness has created because we all know deep in our hearts that nothing can cure a hurting wound but a LOVE only you can give.

This I all ask, in the Mighty of Jesus, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You forever and ever. Amen.