Friday, September 18, 2009


funny that one day no one bothers to read my blogs and then the next day poof! i just saw two of my own blog topics being copied. and you know what i am not in the least pissed off or irritated by is why:

1.  appreciate.  wow! thank you! although you copied my two blog topics and just interchange words, sentences or phrases still i guess you appreciate what i have written that is why you copy it.

2. enlightenment.  i just pray you will have one so that you don't get to copy other people's ideas that much.

3. gratefulness.  my mother taught me no matter what other people do to you, you should be grateful that it was only what they have done for they could have done worst.

4. spreading around.  at least my blog ideas get spread around like virus.

5. originality.  i know i was first before you posted that blog so at least i get the first kudos.

6. prayer. i really really really wish that you get to blend your own ideas. ideas are just out there waiting to be cultivated. if you can't write a whole blog just write a line or two then save it in your drafts file.  i know of a fellow blogger who does that.  believe me, ideas will come to you in time, i have been writing for our school paper since grade school and up until now that i am in my graduate studies.  it helps when you have an idea then write something about it. do not please copy ideas of other people. 

alright? so there you go.  i am not angry or pissed or whatever with you i just wish you have ideas of your own it really is frustrating when you can't write anything for yourself.



  1. I have heard this 'thing' going around lately...sad...but, your though process on it, very good.

  2. yes it is so sad.. i saw a blog follower of my blog site who almost copied what i wrote.. sad to say that she can't cultivate her own ideas.. i'm really sad for her.. i just hope she gets around blogging..

  3. Wow! Someone actually did that? That's pretty...ummm...i can't even find a word to describe it.

  4. It's almost the nature of this whole thing... everything I know about blogging I've learned from other bloggers, so at some point I'm sure I wrote about something I saw on someone's page. You just have to give the original writer credit for the ideas ;) Cool layout by the way!

  5. Hey take help from sites like or copyscape.That way you'll be informed of plagiarism.I appreciate your open-minded take on this whole issue but it's sad to see your own creation being claimed as somebody else's.It happened to me too. :(
    Anyway nice blog!

  6. never too busy: hi! yeah! i can't find words to describe her.. anyway, she copied it already so there's nothing i can do...

    cindy: wow thanks! i can't really remember where i got this layout...

    samadrita: hi! yeah i think it's better to be nice to her than get pissed off because i really pity her that she can't cultivate ideas on her own..