Tuesday, September 22, 2009


in life we should take risks
we should live life to the fulest
do everything we want
enjoy every single second
be useful.

laugh all you want.
cry like nobody is watching.
 help and get involved.
expose your feelings.
be brave and bold.

reach for your dreams
love evn if you'll get hurt
live and be not afraid to die
hope and always have faith.

try and don't give up
bre creative
be different
live up to your own rules

risk is a part of life
risk involvement
risk failure
if a person risks, he wins
everytime he fails, he'll rise up

in risking,
a few battles maybe lost
but we're sure to win the war

if you risk nothing
you'll dull your spirit
you might avoid pain and suffering
but you cannot experience
how to love, grow, mature, learn and change

but as long as you risk, 
you'll find happiness
no "what ifs" or "if onlys" will cross your mind
then your spirit will be free

remember only dead fishes go along with the flow.


  1. loved your thoughts.. pretty interesting.. :)

    and the last line abt dead fishes was a hard hitter.. awesome.. :)

  2. Lovely thoughts!

    Good that i came here on your blog....I blog for my daughter at http://reveda.blogspot.com/


  3. very astute thoughts! I need to be reminded of these truths every so often - every day would be good! Thank you :)

  4. hey!
    i just found your blogs,
    and i liked:)

    nice work!