Sunday, August 31, 2008


8:54 p.m. Wednesday 18 September 2002
Can I please have some words with you
And I’m hoping you would listen to me
Because this concerns about a boy,
The boy who I love
And the boy who makes me smile

We have been going on for a while
And he loved me,
Before you came along
Before you came into his life
And before he showed interest in you
At once he changes
From being my only love to a person unknown to me
Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
And when I found out why,
I know it’s time to say goodbye.
He told me “Good friends we will always be.”
And I know that is how things will be from now on.
Though you may not agree with me,
I still love him and that will never change.
I feel very sad
An emotion, which I can no longer hide
I can’t stop my tears from flowing
As I continue to write
For if you will ask me,
If I love him,
A very simple “yes” will be my answer
But I don’t think it would matter,
For you are already the apple of his eyes.
For the time that has passed
For the time we have spent together
He has been the center of my emotions
Why my heart is beating and why I am breathing
For now, I am pretending he is with me
I know many nights will be sleepless
Many days will be full of illusions
Many hours will be spent reminiscing
Because I know he is gone for good
Maybe this happened
Because we are not meant for each other
Though this has caused me so much pain
I can’t help myself but cry
Which I think is the only thing I could do to ease the pain
So here’s message for you
Take care of him, adore him
Love him cherish him
These are the things I used to do
The things I would gladly do.
Just don’t tell him my heart is breaking
Don’t tell him I am crying
Because I don’t want him to know
And please do me a last favor
Offer to him the love I can no longer show.

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