Saturday, August 30, 2008

Minimalist Proclivity of the Filipinos

In the status quo, we Filipinos often think of small, midget, cute things. What never got inside our minds is that we are under the penchant of the minimalist proclivity. In light of recent events, I observed that everything comes in small packages. Everything is in sachet. A professor once told our class that the sachet phenomenon is booming. According to her it is because of the need of the Filipinos to survive everyday.

But the thing is the Filipinos are used to the feeling of smallness. There are few Filipinos who think that they can do it. Who think that they can excel. The feeling of smallness was engrossed to us due to the fact of the many years of colonization.

When can we learn? When can we start to be proud of ourselves? Of our nationality? Just asking. Just wondering.

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