Saturday, August 30, 2008

Letting Go

What’s most painful in life is that knowing in the end after the love you felt for each other, after each and every step you had to take to fight for the love you felt, time will come – when you are loving the most – the greatest torture that can be done to you is letting go of the person you
loved most. Why doesn’t love have a best before seal so that I can stop loving the person before I get hurt? I know I cannot hold onto anything that wants to go, I just have to cherish each and every moment I am with that person. Still, why does it hurt? Why do I cry every night? Here I am, after all the heartaches, after all the pain, after all the sorrows – still hoping, still loving in silence.

No one can say that they’ve move on, no can one can say that they’ve learned to let go because every smile etches a pain in the heart. Every heartbreak leaves an unerasable scar. Why does love fade even if you did everything to nurture it?

I have found the man who made me believe that love is possible but sadly he also made me realize that love always end up in me getting hurt.

An ending question to all – Why does anyone love if they know that they will end up getting hurt?

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