Thursday, May 14, 2015

Remember that......

Following my blog post yesterday about Dad Bod, I am writing this blog to promote health and wellness.  Like I said yesterday, we should aim for a healthy body not just a sexy body to impress people.   We must always remember what we were taught in kindergarten, “Health is Wealth”.

I was never a health buff when I was younger, I keep on eating all the junk food I could, all the fast food I can see and never thought about eating any vegetable or fruit thinking I’m invincible and can’t get fat and will always have the body and metabolism of a 20 year old college student. 

I was never so wrong in my life!  When I reached 27, my metabolism just got too slow! Yikes! I couldn’t lose weight as easily as I did when I was 23 and most of the time, I’m craving for sweet treats and feeling sleepy!

I ate all I wanted back then and didn’t give a damn about all the junk that goes into my body!  Then all of a sudden, my back always hurts and when I went to my physiotherapist, he told me that my body can no longer support my weight! Yikes! Since I have scoliosis and lumbar strain, there is a certain weight that I would be comfortable only and once I reached that limit, I couldn’t gain any single pound anymore or my body would just give in!

So right then and there, I decided to control my food intake especially junk food cravings and started to go to the gym. My goal that time was not to just lose weight and rock that mini skirt and tank top but rather be healthy.  I didn’t know that all the years of neglect on my body would take a toll on me that soon. 

I made a choice of eating healthy and exercising every day. When I was younger, I always made an excuse not to exercise and say, nah, I'm busy, maybe some other time.  Then again, being sick hit me hard.  So I gave it a try and it rocked my world! I love going to the gym.  Most of my close friends were like, “Woah! You’re sweating at the gym?!!? Seriously?!?!”  They know I’m not a health buff but I wanted my body pains to go away and concentrate on being healthy. 

There are times when I want to give up especially when I already lost some weight but I never gave up on losing the unwanted weight and my back never hurt after that! Lets always remember that our health is prime priority.    

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