Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dad Bod

I have seen “dad bod” trending on my Facebook timeline and even on news feeds for a while now.  So I was quite curious with the hype and eventually Googled it and according to Urban Dictionary a DAD BOD or DAD BODY is: once in shape, but clearly has lost most athletic properties, best suited for sitting at a desk chair, possibly doing ones taxes. 
Fat and a fit man and their diet

Ok, so clearly those with “dad bod” were once the high school or college jocks, athletic men or those who used to spend their time at the gym to get that ever desirable six pack abs or that muscled bicep.  So, what is actually the concept of the dad bod?  It just basically says that women prefer dad bods.

Personally, I believe this is just hype and is an excuse for men not to exercise and not live a healthy lifestyle.   While some would argue that this is a common issue on gender biases and even on appearance, since people would argue that it is unfair because men prefer a super sexy women – I beg to differ on this account (which I would discuss on the latter points)!

I am generally fine with men who doesn't have washboard abs but still is living a healthy lifestyle. I would of course be appalled if the belly pooch came from too much sitting or drinking beer until the wee hours of the morning. 

Again, the argument of women will be: we almost kill ourselves from dieting and going to the gym, why the heck should we accept dad bod?  This could be an issue for debate.  My two cents on this, ladies we shouldn't give a damn on what society dictates to us women! Go to the gym, diet, do yoga, do Zumba because YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY!

I feel that everyone has different opinions about this dad bod hype, some are fine with it, some are not and there will be women demanding that the expectation of the women’s physique is very impossible and a dream actually for most.  I just feel that women shouldn't be compelled to adapt to what the magazines, news papers or whatever social network there is that says women should be stick thin.  I think that the problem is how women always want to conform to the dictates of society.

If men can have a dad bod, why can’t women have a mom bod or let’s just say not a supermodel body?  Ladies, if men really do love you, they won’t care whether your dress size is a 2, a 6 or even a 14!  Let us all remember though that we should always take care of our health and not just conform to the dictates of the society.

Whether we are thin, a little flabby or have muffin top, we shouldn't really care as long as we are comfortable with our own body and not allow anyone to tell use otherwise.  Remember that whatever size we are in, men or women, we have to first love ourselves before everyone starts to do so.

So cheers to everyone who does not conform to society’s dictates and loves their physique no matter what shape it is.  Just a friendly reminder, always stay healthy and watch what we eat! 

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