Sunday, August 15, 2010

step up 3

I had a fun day out with my MBA classmates today =) It was abba, bella, miguel, anne and me. We were to meet at 4pm in Cafe Mary Grace - i love the pastries and coffee and the place (well that's a different blog).  Anyway the meeting was mainly because of Anne's work.  She is into personal banking and so it was mainly boring at first (kidding anne!)

So after the coffee presentation which ended at around 6pm we decided to grab dinner at momo (well we love eating) but then when we were on the road abba and bella called us (they were driving separately) and they suggested we watch step up 3.

well, at the end of the day after discussions on whether to eat or do whatever, it was a quorum that we watch either Salt of Angelina Jolie or Step Up 3 in 3D - we voted for Step Up since Miguel has caught Salt already.  

Step Up 3 does not really make any excellent acting but the choreography and visuals and stunts was way way way wicked!!!! =0

Just like any other Step Up movie, it contains the usual desire of the person to dance and follow his dream but also it contains the usual romance twist in the story.  Although the plot was kinda predictable.  

Like the part when Luke Katcher was disturbed by the fact that their dance routine was caught on tape and it leaked and how Natalie looked so disturbed before Luke saw that the routine was uploaded in the internet.  It was obvious Natalie wanted to admit something to Luke because she approached Luke and said something like, I need to talk to you, alone..

So directly, I presume that she was the one who leaked the video because it was impossible that it would be Moose because he is one of the protagonist of the story way back Step Up 2 so he cant be the traitor.  And given that Julien was the antagonist of the story I upright believed that Julien was the brother of Natalie because Natalie mentioned to Luke in the first part of the story that her parents were dead and he lived up to his brother and it was his brother who raised him blah blah blah (of course you can't expect me to remember the exact dialogue right?!)

So there at the climax of the story (i wont be such a spoiler alright? i won't detail the movie) Natalie did what was righteous =) happy ending of course..

Step Up 3DStep Up 3DI love the dance moves and I again liked the part where the danced with water pouring all over them like what was depicted in Step Up 2. Here are some snap shots =) (which I of course googled at IMDb).  

Still of Sharni Vinson in Step Up 3DWhat I liked about the movie beside the choreography is how the dance studio was set up the boom boxes were amazing and superb! look at this photo =) 

Isn't it amazing how this all compiled and arranged the boom boxes.  well of course i wouldn't know if it is just plain props or what-have-yous but it is superb!!!!

I also love Moose in the movie and they are delightful. Moose and Camille look good together =) delightfully cute =)

Alyson Stoner at event of Step Up 3D
Well we wouldn't know if they would end up just like Channing Tatum and Jenna Lee Dewan-Tatum who both played the lead roles in Step Up as Tyler Gage and Nora Clark.  They just got married last 11 July 2009. How delightful to know that they met and fell in love in the set of Step Up.

Well so much of the movie.  and did I say again that Moose looks cute with Camille =)

Good night everyone!!!!! After being out of the house for 10hours, I am dead beat and my bed is calling me =)



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