Wednesday, August 11, 2010

36" pizza!!!

well to start it off, i had laid my eyes on one of the biggest pizza here in the Philippines! imagine a 36 inch pizza!!! wow!!! 

The pizza house is at El Buono, Makati.  They actually have three branches, one in Makati, one in Paranaque and one in Mandaluyong.  

Their largest pizza is a humongous 65 inch pizza and according to the manager of the pizza parlor it could feed a hundred and fifty people!!! another wow!  

We were there for a day late birthday celebration of our friend, which explains why i am actually putting candles on the pizza =)   Sadly, the effort in putting the candles was futile, i ended up removing it! LOL! =)

Nonetheless, it was fun. Pizza, Pasta and Iced tea is good! and have i mentioned that we were actually drinking iced tea from a flower vase?! yeah technically i am not so sure if it is a flower vase but from the size and the looks of it, it's a flower vase. 

have you seen the size?!? how tell me that this is not a flower vase?! care to disagree with me!!?!?! i guess not! no one would! LOL 

No to start it off, the evening was not that nice, I mean I was the one who recommended to eat there because the first time i dined there, it was on an eat-all-you -can promo, so my friends thought they could eat all the food there, what they didn't know is that they would surrender in eating all the pizza.  We were not able to eat everything, we were 11 in the group but the food we left uneaten was still way too much! 

The food is great! we even saw how they prepare it and they don't have an oven, it is like a big heating pan and the pizza is on top of it and we saw how it was prepared.  So in all honesty, it was superb! 

Liza, the birthday celebrant kept the pizza box lid as a souvenir and we wrote our birthday greetings and wishes there! and mind you guys, the lid was big enough to sit at the back of the car! which was totally funny! 

At the end of the day, what mattered most is not how much pizza we ate or how much iced tea we had - well i think, that is more than 2 liters (judging from the size of the glass), what was way memorable is having a good laugh with friends!

Till next birthday party and I hope to find another good deal of restaurant with superb food! =)

xoxo, V

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  1. it looks delicious! the prime example of bigger is better! :)