Friday, August 28, 2009

the time traveller's wife

I have watched this movie just last saturday and I just can't help but be emphatic and melodramatic for the protagonists in the movie.  It seems like their lives are boxed in what if and hoping that the time travelling stops and they could just live their normal, happy and simple lives. The story is not your typical  happily ever after movie but it captivates the attention, mind and passion of the movie goers...

A suggested movie! Rating it a little over 9. (o'_'o)


  1. I just picked up the book in the bookshop and was tempted to buy it, but didn't. I think because I felt it would be 'too' strange, to understand. Then I read your review of the movie ... I may get the dvd instead. Thanks.

  2. it's really really good! it is honest! it depicts the undying love for a person who is too hard to understand and who one day when you wake up you wouldn't know if he'll be beside you and wishing there could be one more day...

  3. I think I need to check this movie out, it seems like I'm the only person who hasn't.