Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Pain in relationships can either be categorized into letting go or moving on.  Letting go is sacrificing what was rightfully yours while moving on is forgetting what was never even yours to begin with.
But both prospects involve accepting in order to heal. Accepting that the person can never be yours or never will be yours again is the first step.
Acceptance is the hardest part especially when our emotions get the better of us.  It is like holding on to something which pains you – it is like struggling in the middle of the ocean wanting to live, wanting to be saved but the other person is at the shore just watching us drown.  It is like gripping onto the thorny rose knowing that we are bleeding but we still hold onto it believing that we would get the sweetest smell out of it.  But the irony of it is that no matter how much we want, no matter how much we need, no matter how much we desire, and no matter how much we love, we end up getting hurt and alone.
Maybe we did something wrong.  Maybe we were just meant to be taught a lesson but every pain that lurks in our hearts we wished that broken hearts can be mended by band aids like skinned knees.  But maybe just maybe we are still hoping that in the end they can be ours.  Sadly, no matter how we wish for our fairy tale ending it will never happen.
After few quiet moments, after a few “me” times, we get to the point of realization that what we want will sometimes not be ours so it’s best to let things go because they are not ours and are not meant to be in our lives.  Some are just passing by, some are just teaching us lessons, some are just stopping for a moment or two but no matter what their purpose in our life is, it is better to accept that there are instances in our lives that we have to let go or move on. 
Time heals all wounds, so they say, but accepting what has happened to our lives is one thing we should learn to do whether you loved deeply or got hurt badly, once in our lives we are hurt, once in our lives we are bruised but no matter how bruised or hurt we are in the end we get to stand up and live again and love again.

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  1. So true. Sometimes acceptance is the hardest part.