Monday, September 6, 2010

life just isn't! (020918)

there are some people 
who don't know the meaning of life
too shallow
too narrow-minded

they think it's about
being popular
they think it's about vices,
sex and drugs

life is not about that
it's not about how accepted
or unaccepted you are
it is how you make a choice

a choice to stand up;
to fight for what you believe in
to share your blessings
how you can be a part of somebody else's life

it's about love
it's about sticking with your friends
learning to replace hate with love
knowing to forgive

accepting people for who they are
not with what they have
nor about their status in life

it's about avoiding envy, hate, and ignorance
building self-confidence
being yourself and not letting anyone judge you

and most of all
it;s about how you build yourself
as an emblem of love

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