Wednesday, March 10, 2010

is singing again!!!! lol .. =)

(got this from an email)

Oh I can't stand another heartache
Though you say you're my friend, Im at my wit's end
You say your love is bonafide
But that don't coincide with the things that you do
When I ask you to nice - you say

You gotta be cruel to be kind - in the right measure
Cruel to be kind - it's a very good sign
Cruel to be kind - means that I love you - Baby!
You gotta be cruel to be kind

Well I did my best, to understand you
But you still mistify, I wanna know why
I pick myself up off the ground, to have
you knock me back again
Again & again, when I ask you to explain -
You say

1 comment:

  1. although the humor is laid out there, it really isn't funny at all, huh? I always joke, "If you love someone, you hurt them" again, not really funny, but seemingly oh so true