Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gossip Girl

Been in bed for like the whole day watching DVDs and re-runs on TV. Since it's a holiday I thought i should treat myself for a day of relaxation. The Gossip Girl series has been kind of addicting which i believe is because of the fact that teenagers experience the on screen scenes in their lives. I kind of focuses on drugs, vices and queen bees in high school life.

Every high school has a queen bee. And almost everyone in school wants to suck up to these queen bees either for popularity or for being in. i always questioned the fact that high school can never be without queen bees. why does every student who is not so popular are bullied by queen bees.

watching the movie makes me wonder why i never helped the bullied students. i was never a queen bee neither was i bullied back in school. i had my fair share in its history, being a constant contender for beauty queen title in high school, a president o various organizations and of course the sought after prom queen title.

i was all these but i don't get people who bullies other just to show them that they are better. are they afraid that taking off their chameleon jacket would make them less popular or less accepted. not that i am bad mouthing gossip girl, it's just that every time i see the TV series i can always relate to it. i always remember our high school corridors and all the suck ups and its queen bees.

looking back, you will wonder who are afraid to be left alone, is it the queen bee or her battalion? just wondering.

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